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* Doug On Command

Let Doug Read Your Documents In Real Time

** Please note that PataBid DOC is in Beta. This means it is free to use but you may experience a glitch now and then. Your feedback and suggestions are very helpful in this stage!

What Does DOC Read?

DOC (Doug On Command) can read tender spec documents, abstracts and drawings.

The list of what Doug can automatically find for you is always growing. Currently it finds:

Completion Date(s) or Schedules

Site Visits

Liquidated Damages

We need you to tell us what else to train Doug to find for you. What are the things you regularly look for in these documents?

Create Projects

Create unlimited projects

Upload multiple files per project

Keep track of information with your project list

Upload multiple files per project

PDF, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX are supported at this time

Upload Documents

Put Doug to work for you

Let Doug find the information for you

View the documents as Doug sees them

Request new tags for Doug to learn

Try PataBid DOC today

Let Doug read your documents in real time!