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Meet Doug

The A.I. That Reads Your Documents

Doug specializes in reading technical documents. This could be an email, resume, manifest and so much more!

Doug can be customized to fit your needs, operating in the cloud or locally in your office or data centre. 

To find out more about what Doug can do for you, please contact us below:

So, What Is Doug?

Doug  [ duhg ]


1    a trained machine learning neural network focusing on natural language processing.

Doug is not a fancy keyword search or parser for documents. 

It reads and understands words, sentences and paragraphs in order to build a contextual image of each document.


This means he actually reads, and understands, each document. 

Doug identifies, sorts, classifies and categorizes both the documents and the information within them quickly and accurately.

Why Is Doug Useful?

Doug can read many types of technical documents, such as:  

Tender abstracts


Specification documents


Shipping Lists

We are always looking for new uses and challenges for Doug.


If you think Doug could be of use to you, or if you wish to learn more, please contact us below.