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Quantify Estimating Training

Learn how to utilize Quantify mechanical/electrical estimating software fully by taking an optional training course with Suderman Estimating Systems Inc. - Canada's leading provider of online electrical estimating training.


PataBid has partnered with Suderman Estimating Systems Inc. to offer a Quantify mechanical/electrical estimating software training course for onboarding new users.  The Quantify training course is an optional, fee for service virtual course that will teach users about how to maximize every available feature in PataBid's estimating software for small contractors.  New users also have the option to utilize tutorial videos directly in Quantify, consult PataBid's FAQ section for common software questions and answers, and/or connect with PataBid IT support directly for onboarding assistance.

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Essentials of  Estimating  

Using an electrical/mechanical estimating software is one tool that can help contractors bid electrical work effectively.  Equally as important as utilizing software is a thorough knowledge of estimating fundamentals.  In addition to a training course on Quantify's digital estimating software, Suderman Estimating Systems offers several other courses to help contractors learn how to systematically create an accurate estimate in order to bid electrical work successfully.  Ensure that you are using the three primary tools in your contracting business to bid work - research, knowledge and technology.  Use these tools in conjunction to profitably bid electrical work and guarantee long term success for your contracting business.  


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Know your industry

Exploring your business's strengths & limitations is key to knowing which jobs to target.  Research on current industry trends also provides additional information to help you find the most relevant bid opportunities to pursue.

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Know the basics

Building accurate estimates starts with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of electrical or mechanical estimating.  Learning the basic steps to bidding work is crucial to assembling accurate estimates and winning jobs.

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Know the software

Use powerful technology available in a mechanical/electrical estimating software platform to produce fast, reliable and consistent estimates.  Become familiar with all automation features and tie-ins to other business software.  

Quantify a winning bid today with PataBid's advanced estimating software for electrical contractors and mechanical contractors.


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'Solid bidding is the core of your business'

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