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Analytics & Reporting Sample of Our Data

Reports have never been this easy

A few clicks is all it takes to create powerful reports full of critical information.

Sector Comparison Report

Quickly and easily compare sector size and growth over time.

Company Comparison Report

Find the companies you're interested in and see how they stack up against each other in a range of areas.

Competitive Analysis

Find your competitors and analyze their performance over time.

Corporate Info & Stats

View and compare corporate information and statistics for every company.

Data that makes sense

We've got the information you're looking for. We've even made it easy to navigate!

Award Data

See award prices and other data for every tender.

Report Views

Save reports as views that update automatically or as snapshots in time.


Customize and edit the graphs and charts in real time to create visuals that make sense for you.

Report Notes

Add notes and comments to sections of the report as you go.

Straight from the source

Doug reads hundreds of tenders every day, so you don't have to.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the power of AI, we're able to collect and read vast amounts of information ...very quickly. Learn more about Doug.

Link to the Source

We link every tender to the source so you can check out the details first hand, simply and easily.

Region Settings

Set the provinces or states that you operate in to see only the data that fits your needs.

Sector Settings

Select the sectors that are relevant to you from a list that makes sense.

See data a new way with PataBid Metrics