Our Story

PataBid was founded in 2017 but our research in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) started years earlier. Our initial goal was to create an ML platform that could read construction drawings but we ran into more than one dead end. We then decided to switch our focus to Natural Language Processing and create an ML platform that could read tender abstracts. We were successful and in 2018 PataBid launched it's first product, Tenders. The Tenders platform was refined and the ML platform, aptly named Doug, saw accuracy levels higher than expected. Within 18 months Doug would achieve an accuracy of 96%.

In 2019 PataBid expanded Doug's capabilities to read specification documents. This lead to our second product, Docs ML (which is still in beta). Shortly after we started testing Docs ML we had a breakthrough on our initial research into reading construction drawings. In 2020 we created our third product, MaxBid (which is in alpha) and it is performing with higher accuracy results than we first expected. 

We've realized two things since we started: 

1. Most companies don't have experience with AI or ML and therefore struggle to understand how it can benefit them.

2. Our existing ML platforms in natural language processing (reading technical documents) and graphical image processing (reading drawings) can be modified to solve problems in a wide number of industries.

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