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Redefine the way you search for tender opportunities

Find more tenders faster

Save time searching and never miss another tender opportunity.

Easy to Use & Setup

Setup PataBid Tenders in 3 simple steps: Select your region, select your industry and see your results.

Live Dashboard

One page that keeps you up to date on the latest tenders for you.

Quick View

See all of the important information about each tender at a glance

Automated Searching

Let Doug do the work for you. Our AI searches dozens of tender sites so you never have to.

Highlighted Tenders

We highlight all the new tenders since you last logged in so you can pick up right where you left off.

Daily Emails

Get daily email notifications when companies you follow download the spec documents from a source site.

Information at your fingertips

Doug reads hundreds of new tenders every day so you don't have to.

Artificial Intelligence

Through the power of AI, we're able to collect and read vast amounts of information ... very quickly. Learn more about Doug.

Plans Takers List

Ever wonder who else is looking at this tender? We know, and we're willing to share.

Interested Tenders

Save the tenders you're interested in so you don't have to go searching for them later.

See the Source

We link every tender to the source so you can check out the details first hand, simply and easily.

Follow Tenders

Follow tenders to get quick access to the information you need. Get updated when closing dates change!

Follow Companies

Whether it's company you work with or your competition, you can follow companies to know what tenders they are looking at.

Contact Information

Find the contact information for companies fast, when you need it.

Closing Date Notifications

When a closing date changes on a tender you're following you will see it highlighted. Keep up to date on the important information.

Search that makes sense

Forget keywords, just select a couple settings and you're good to go. It really is that easy!

Region Settings

Set the provinces or states that you operate in to see only the tenders that fit your needs.

Proximity Results

Set a radius from your location to see tenders that match your work area.

Relevant Industries

Select the industries that are relevant to you from a list that makes sense.

No GSIN Numbers

GSIN numbers are a pain to work with. We use real industry labels so everything makes sense.

Public Tenders

We search dozens of public databases daily for new tenders. From federal to municipal, we find everything for you.

Manual Search

An old fashioned keyword search in case you're feeling nostalgic.

Archived Tenders

We automatically archive the tenders you're following once they close. You will always have quick access to their information.

Build your team

You shouldn't work alone, it's wise to bring a friend along.

Team Management

Create multiple users within your organization to make your whole team more productive.

User Permissions

Set permissions per user so not everyone has total control.

Refer a Friend

When you refer PataBid Tenders to someone new we give BOTH of you a discount.

Work From Anywhere

PataBid Tenders works on any device. Work from your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Never miss another opportunity with PataBid Tenders

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