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About Us

Most of us hate the software we use at work. It's true!

Business software is expensive, clunky, hard to setup and frustrating to use. Most of it claims it 'does more for you', but it doesn't. You spend hours learning it just to spend hours more inputting data or clicking through endless menus. That doesn't really sound like the software is doing much more for you.

At PataBid we believe your business deserves better software that's ready to go, easy to setup and use, and actually does most of the work for you! All of our products meet this standard thanks to Doug, our AI. 

Doug isn't here to replace anyone but rather to augment them. This means Doug does a lot of the basic and repetitive tasks, like searching, gathering, reading and classifying. Your employees are now free to put their minds to work on the important part of their job.

Our History

Frustration sparks the idea for an AI to find tenders automatically.

Doug comes online. He starts collecting and reading tenders.

PataBid is officially born. Paul and Melvin start working on the prototype of their first product.

PataBid launches it’s first product, Tenders - a tender searching platform.

PataBid is approached to create a disruptive solution in the freight industry using Doug.

PataBid announces it has collected and read 10,000 tenders to date.

Doug breaks 80% accuracy for the first time.

Doug breaks 90% accuracy for the first time.

PataBid announces it has collected and read 25,000 tenders to date.

Doug reaches his highest accuracy to date - 96%.

PataBid announces it has collected and read 50,000 tenders to date.

PataBid announces it’s AI, Doug, is available for custom use.

PataBid launches Metrics - a sample of the data collected by our A.I. Doug.