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City Electric Supply Integration

PataBid has partnered with City Electric Supply (CES) to support the electrical contracting community through improving the accuracy of electrical estimates and increasing access to cloud based electrical estimating software.  

City Electric Supply integration with Quantify MEP estimating software


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PataBid/CES Promotional Price







City Electric Supply and PataBid have joined forces  to offer our valued, mutual customers an exclusive discount on Quantify electrical estimating software! To access this discount, simply sign up for a free Quantify trial and connect your CES account with your PataBid Quantify account. 

*limited quantities; while supplies last

*this promotional price is only applicable for new subscriptions and does not apply to future Quantify renewals

Estimating Software for Electrical Contractors

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Adopting a cloud based electrical estimating software is key to the long term success and profitability of any electrical contracting company.  Learn how CES and PataBid have collaborated to develop the best electrical estimating software platform on the market designed specifically to serve the electrical contracting community.  This innovative integration promotes the adoption of digital estimating software for electrical bidding to regularly produce predictable and profitable projects.  

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Quantify Cost Rebate

Once a contractor purchases a Quantify license(s) and then spends at least $30,000 with CES (per license) through Quantify, he/she will then receive a rebate.  The rebate will be equivalent to the cost of a Quantify license and is credited directly onto the contractor's CES account.  This offer works for all future re-subscriptions and also for companies with multiple licenses. Please contact us if you have any questions.

* This offer is only valid in Canada at this time. Please contact us if you are in the United States and would like to receive this offer. 

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Instant Pricing

PataBid has integrated CES's e-commerce platform into Quantify electrical estimating software.  Users can now import up to the minute pricing into their electrical estimates with just a couple of clicks from within the platform.  Complete on screen takeoff and bid electrical work accurately using Quantify's instant pricing through City Electric Supply.  

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Buy Now Button

PataBid's integration with CES's  e-commerce platform allows contractors to place orders directly from Quantify. With a simple click, users can order electrical material from any of the City Electric Supply locations within Canada or the USA.  PataBid is the only electrical estimating software on the market where contractors can bid electrical work and order jobsite materials from within the same platform.

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PataBid Quantify is the first and only electrical estimating software on the market to have a full integration with an electrical supply house.  This integration makes electrical bidding software accessible to the larger contracting community and promotes smart construction practices.  Start saving time and maximizing project profits.  Try a Quantify electrical estimating software free trial today.  

For more information on any of PataBid's integrations with City Electric Supply, please contact us.

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