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Save Time Estimating
Win More Projects

Electrical and mechanical estimating software designed to produce reliable bids to make jobs more predictable and profitable.  Grow your contracting business with PataBid Quantify.  Find, bid and win more work.

Takeoff screen in Quantify mechanical/fire sprinkler estimating software

Powerful estimating software for large or small jobs

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Watch A Quantify Demo
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Electrical Contractors

Quantify is a revolutionary estimating software for electrical contractors.  From residential to industrial and commercial work, PataBid offers endless options to bid electrical work simply and efficiently.

  • Rapid Count automated takeoff can search your drawings and complete takeoff for you in seconds 

  • Customizable items database with 36,000+ items and pre-built assemblies ensure that all items on your job are accounted for

  • Instantly update pricing from your electrical supply house in the software or use Quantify's list pricing feature

  • Automatically estimate labour units and material prices while you design with our innovative manual drafting feature

  • Find public tenders using a direct integration with our PataBid Tenders platform

  • An affordable estimating software for small contractors that offers real time collaboration and cooperation between all parties involved in a project

  • Manage project labor, quoted packages, subcontractors, equipment and overhead easily with full closeout options​​

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Electrical contractor trying to bid electrical work.
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Contractor completing work that they bid using Quantify fire sprinkler estimating software

Mechanical Contractors

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Quantify is a dynamic mechanical estimating software platform, designed for small contractors.  Mechanical contractors can utilize Quantify software for residential, industrial or commercial jobs.  Quantify is one of the only cloud-based estimating platforms on the market for plumbing contractors.

  • Design-build directly in the platform with our manual drafting feature

  • Rapid Count automated graphical takeoff feature can search your documents and complete takeoff in seconds

  • Customizable items database with 36,000+ items and pre-built assemblies to serve all mechanical bids

  • Pre-loaded with mechanical material costs and labour units

  • Find public tenders using a direct integration with PataBid Tenders platform

  • Applicable as a building automation estimating software platform that ensures efficient coordination of building controls

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Fire Protection/Fire Sprinkler Contractors

  • Quantify is built to serve contractors as a fire suppression/fire sprinkler estimating software

  • Use integrated tools like Rapid Count, manual drafting and typicals to automatically count sprinkler heads, fire pumps and sprinkler pipe branch lines with ease

  • Out of the box fire sprinkler estimating software with pre-loaded material and labour units (including common fire sprinkler system parts and assemblies)

  • Designed for fire sprinkler contractors to bid fire protection jobs with speed and accuracy

Quantify Advantages

Try a free trial today and see why Quantify is the best solution for estimating software for small contractors on the market

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Access your estimates and data anywhere, anytime, with our cloud based solutions.

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Select an item on a drawing, set the attributes and let our A.I. find the rest for you.

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Items automatically receive list pricing, which is updated regularly.

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Extract specific pages from a drawing or spec. Include markups and notes on your pages and export as a new PDF.

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Why Digital Estimating?
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At PataBid, we are passionate about digital estimating and making our software accessible to as many contractors as possible.  Take your contracting business to the next level with Quantify digital construction estimating software.  Going digital mitigates costly errors, saves time, and allows for central storage of all bid documentation.  Using a software also ensures that every step in the estimate (every detail, item etc.) ties back to its place in the bid documents.  A digital estimating platform is essential to prolonged growth and success of any mechanical or electrical contracting business.


PataBid's electrical estimating software replaces paper drawings.

Save money

No more paper printing

Quantify allows contractors to reduce costs through eliminating the need to print paper drawings altogether

Automated quantity takeoff from Quantify electrical estimating software.

Improve accuracy

Fast, automated functions

Quantify's powerful automated features allow contractors to save hours of time on each bid and eliminate errors caused by manual paper estimating

A software for contractors to bid electrical work.



Bid more, win more

Using Quantify, contractors can increase their bid capacity and drastically increase their prospects of winning work and growing their businesses

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