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The Company

PataBid began with a focus on the tendering industry. Our goal was to automate the process of finding relevant tenders into a task that would take mere minutes per day. To achieve this we created Doug, our first A.I. with a specialization in Natural Language Processing. Doug has learned to read tender information, including abstracts, title, location, and more, to categorize each tender into its appropriate sector.

The task of collecting, reading and categorizing each tender, from every industry, is now fully automated and Doug regularly reads over 1,500 tenders each day from over 250 sources for our first platform, Tenders.

The Technology

Our development of Doug did not stop with reading tenders. We soon adapted it to read construction specification documents to find and pull out information pertaining to risk analysis.

Once this was successful we turned our focus to the construction drawings themselves. We created Diego, a new polymorphic A.I. with a specialization in Image Recognition. Diego is learning to perform the takeoff of construction drawings, starting with electrical and mechanical trades.

The Future

Going from tender postings to construction drawings seems like a stretch but there is a real connection. Our goal is to automate the construction bidding process, from identifying the tender to bid on, then performing drawing takeoff and spec correlation for the items found, to finally predicting the price and potential other bidders (and their prices) based on market analysis, trending and predictive analytics. 

This all sounds like a lot, and honestly it is. We have seen success with each part of our goal so far. The future will see us expand each platforms' capabilities and bring all of them together.

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