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Future-Proofing your Business with Electrical Estimating Software

In today's construction landscape, it's crucial for construction business owners to seize every opportunity to future-proof their operations. Building a thriving electrical (or mechanical) contracting company entails more than just acquiring technical skills and setting up a business. Beyond mastering the trade, there's a wealth of business expertise required to ensure the sustainability of your contracting enterprise in the long run.

In this article, we are going to dive into some of the reasons how using electrical estimating software helps to future-proof your contracting business for long term success.

image of AI counting items on an electrical drawing on Quantify mechanical estimating software

Learn Your Business

Using electrical estimating software to its maximum potential enables business owners to gain deep insights into their operations.  For instance, when determining the appropriate markup percentage for a project within an estimating platform, it’s imperative for the owner to have a comprehensive understanding of their total monthly business expenses and burn rate.  Additionally, various other business-specific data points must be factored into the estimate, such as individualized supplier pricing, labour units and labour rates.  By finding and incorporating these crucial details into the estimate, owners can accurately assess the company’s needs and effectively model the project’s profitability. Identifying these vital data points to input into your selected electrical estimating software platform enables a thorough examination of your business, revealing precise labour rates and units, expenses, and desired profits.  This comprehensive understanding, supported by detailed business knowledge, data and analysis, lays a solid foundation for the long-term success of a contracting business. 

Screenshot of Quantify software showing markup on materials to bid electrical work

Bid Predictably and Profitably

In addition to helping you learn about crucial business knowledge, estimating software is a powerful tool to bid electrical work predictably and profitably.  First and foremost, software solutions provide a systematic approach to bid preparation, allowing contractors to meticulously analyze project requirements, assess material costs, and accurately estimate labour expenses.  This systematic approach minimizes the margin for error, enabling contractors to submit bids with confidence, knowing that they are based on precise calculations and thorough analysis.  Using an estimating software platform to bid electrical work also allows for the collection of bid data, which is important to evaluate to ensure that you are bidding each project consistently using the same rates, pricing and process.  Systematically bidding projects within an electrical estimating software guarantees predictability and profitability, both essential elements for establishing a reputable contracting business with longevity.


Optimize Your Time

Electrical estimating software not only helps you bid work predictably and profitably, but it also optimizes your time.  Learning how to optimize your time is essential for future-proofing your business.  Users of various estimating software platforms agree that typically software can help you produce bids at least 2-3 times faster than using manual pen and paper methods.  Those time savings allow you to bid more projects or devote that time savings to business development or marketing work.  For contractors using PataBid Quantify, another time saver is our seamless integration with PataBid Tenders to help you find public tender work.  We have integrated our public tender search platform directly into Quantify so our clients can let our AI do the heavy lifting of searching across 250+ websites each day to find public work.  By optimizing your time each day with estimating software, you are setting yourself up for future success through increased project wins.

Reduce Your Business Risk

Electrical estimating software can be used as a proactive tool to identify, analyze and mitigate potential project risks before they evolve into challenges.  Using an electrical estimating software platform that has centralized estimate data storage, automated calculations, real time pricing and other automated features can significantly protect your projects, and your contracting business, from unexpected costs.  Using the automated tools available in estimating software ensures that you capture the full scope of work in your estimate.  Estimating projects with pen and paper methods or Excel does increase your risk of errors and omissions when bidding projects.  Modern electrical estimating software, like PataBid Quantify, is built to augment the estimator’s work through in-application prompts about material price changes, formula errors, missing estimate data and missing labor/material prices. 

image of user error on screen on Quantify mechanical estimating software

In summary, this article has explored various ways in which electrical estimating software can contribute to future-proofing your business for sustained success. Understanding your business, bidding with predictability and profitability, optimizing your time, and mitigating business risks are all solid reasons to research and invest in electrical estimating software.  

It is imperative, now more than ever, to bid smarter.  Contracting businesses cannot afford to skip investing in electrical estimating software.  The adoption of a software platform transcends mere cost-saving measures – it is a strategic investment in the long-term success and profitability of your contracting business.  By leveraging the power of this single digital tool, contractors can position themselves to deliver value-driven bids that drive sustainable growth in their businesses.


Ready to start future-proofing your electrical contracting business?  Access a free, 2 week trial of PataBid Quantify today.



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