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PataBid Quantify MEP Estimating Software: Top 5 Features from 2023

Updated: May 7

In the dynamic world of MEP estimating, staying at the forefront of innovation is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. PataBid Quantify MEP estimating software takes the lead with its top 5 features of 2023, designed to redefine the landscape of mechanical/electrical estimating software. Let's dive into the innovative features that make Quantify the go-to solution for MEP contractors.

1. City Electric Supply E-commerce Integration

PataBid Quantify's integration with City Electric Supply (CES) e-commerce platform marks a revolutionary leap in electrical bidding. With this seamless integration, users can import up-to-the-minute pricing directly into their electrical estimates within seconds. What's more, placing CES orders from within Quantify is a breeze with a simple click, offering unprecedented efficiency. And here's the bonus – CES customers might be eligible for a rebate, covering the cost of Quantify electrical estimating software. This trailbazing integration promotes the adoption of digital estimating software for electrical bidding to regularly produce predictable and profitable projects.  

Screen showing Quantify and CES integration to bid electrical work with ease and accuracy

2. User Permissions Module

Tailored for the complex dynamics of companies with multiple licenses and users, the User Permissions module is a powerful feature in role definition and project assignment. Assign access to specific estimating folders and modules within Quantify, and control permissions for the items database, marketplace, and estimate project folders. This feature streamlines collaboration within estimating teams, ensuring clarity in roles and project assignments.

User permissions in Quantify allow contractors to assign roles in bidding electrical work on teams

3. Multi Units of Measure

Quantify's Multi Units of Measure feature brings a new level of bilingualism to the construction industry. Now, contractors can seamlessly complete takeoffs, input material pricing, and perform closeouts in both metric and imperial measurements within the same estimate. No more manual conversions from feet to meters – let Quantify do the work automatically while you estimate, saving time and eliminating potential conversion errors.

Quantify screen shot displaying multiple units of measure on a single estimate - used in electrical bidding

4. RFQ Templates

Efficiency meets consistency with Quantify's RFQ Templates. Say goodbye to duplication of effort when generating Requests for Quotations (RFQs). This feature creates standardized, customizable Excel files that can be easily exported and sent to suppliers for pricing of lighting packages, equipment, or any non-standard job materials. Customizable with your logo and design structure, RFQ Templates ensure consistency and accuracy when seeking quotations from suppliers. Using this feature, your quotes will be more accurate and your suppliers will thank you!

Screen showing RFQ templates created automatically in Quantify  mechanical estimating software

5. Prioritized Pricing

Quantify introduces a paradigm shift with Prioritized Pricing, allowing users to integrate material pricing from multiple sources and vendors. Easily set which vendor pricing takes priority, offering the flexibility to use multiple vendors in a single estimate. This feature is a testament to Quantify's commitment to providing a comprehensive and integrated pricing experience for MEP contractors.

A screen showing Quantify's ability to use multiple vendors in a single estimate to bid electrical work effectively.

In summary, these top 5 features showcase the unique capabilities that set Quantify MEP estimating software apart from its competitors. Our mission at PataBid is clear – to create a mechanical/electrical estimating software platform that is not only powerful but also accessible and affordable for contractors of all sizes. We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and are reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days/week through our help desk. One of the few MEP estimating software solutions on the market with no update or maintenance fees, Quantify offers a powerful, out of the box platform for a low yearly cost.

To experience the PataBid difference, sign up for a demo or a free 2 week trial today.

Improving existing features

Throughout 2023, the PataBid development team has successfully implemented 291 enhancements to the platform, with the majority stemming directly from valuable feedback provided by Quantify users. Most notably, our items database has now surpassed 50,000 items, and this figure continues to grow weekly. In particular, significant additions to the database in 2023 include a diverse range of fire protection product lines featuring Reliable, Victaulic, and IPEX Blazemaster items. With these updates, Quantify now offers a comprehensive out-of-the-box solution for fire sprinkler/fire protection estimating software, crucial in an industry where fire protection jobs are increasingly prone to risk.

Furthermore, various features in Quantify received substantial improvements and upgrades in 2023, including manual drafting, closeout procedures, and the PDF spec viewer feature.

As we move into 2024, stay tuned for further feature advancements, as the PataBid development team remains committed to expanding and enhancing Quantify MEP estimating software to better serve the needs of the contracting community.



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