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State of Public Tendering June 2020

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

After just over two months, it was time to revisit the PataBid data set and see what the latest effects of the current world events might be on the public tendering opportunities in Canada.

This update follows the same format of the last update in April. As the second quarter draws to a close today, we get a good view of where the potential business opportunities are going this year. Jumping into the graphs lets start with British Columbia!

Since the last update, it appears that British Columbia (BC) reached the lowest open tender values in April and has since been on a moderate recovery. The available open tenders by the end of June have actually exceeded the same time period from 2019.

Moving east into Alberta (AB), there has been a marked improvement in the available open tenders since the last analysis! Much like BC, April has been the slowest time period in the public sector so far this year. Since then, Alberta has seen a progressive climb to values fairly significantly above the same time period in 2019.

Saskatchewan (SK) has always been a moderately variable public sector market due to small fluctuations being amplified by an overall smaller market. As with the previous two provinces, the minimum level appears to have been reached in April. After climbing out of this minimum, it appears that the public market has stabilized at the same levels as 2019.

Continuing further east into Ontario (ON), the economic and population center of Canada. There is a similar trend in Ontario with the lowest point so far this year has been in April. Since then, Ontario has seen a significant rebound into the close of the second quarter. The available tender opportunities are exceeding the same time period in 2019.

Rounding out this update, Nova Scotia (NS) has experienced a very turbulent year. So far this year though, the public sector opportunities have remained quite strong. While available tender opportunities have fluctuated quite substantially so far this year, overall it has remained largely stronger than 2019.

As the first half of 2020 closes out, we can all agree that it has been one for the history books! So far, the good news for companies that depend on the public sector for business opportunities is that it looks like things are returning to normal. In some instances, even exceeding the same time period in 2019. April has so far been the slowest point this year, most likely due to the COVID-19 shutdown. With the progressive return to work policies and the adaptation to the remote work environment by procurement personal, there has been marked increase in public tender opportunities.

The data displayed here is collected through the PataBid Tenders platform. Tenders is an automated public tender search platform designed to help you never miss another bid opportunity!



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