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City Electric Supply Customers Receive $100 Discount

PataBid is pleased to announce that City Electric Supply customers can now access a $100 discount off a yearly license for Quantify estimating software for electrical contractors. To access the discount, contractors simply need to mention CES2022 to their PataBid sales rep and the discount will be applied to their invoice. This promotion is available until October 31, 2022. This is an example of one small way that CES and PataBid can work together to serve the electrical contracting community. PataBid, much like CES, is committed to promoting and maintaining excellent customer service. Our customers are important to us. Their businesses are important to us. When you purchase a Quantify license, you are in essence also becoming a part of the PataBid family. We will do our best to ensure your feedback is heard and that your business grows alongside ours.

Throughout the last two and a half years, accurate bidding has played a crucial role in any contracting business. Technology has allowed estimating software to become a very powerful tool in producing accurate bids. However, up until PataBid, legacy estimating software platforms have not been an affordable option for most contractors. PataBid's affordable pricing makes switching to a digital estimating software an easy decision. Enjoy peace of mind as you bid electrical work knowing that you are producing reliable bids thanks to Quantify's vast features. At PataBid, we are passionate about making our estimating software for electrical contractors accessible to all. Now with CES2022, getting access to Quantify is even a little bit more economical. To start a free, 2 week trial of Quantify, connect with us today.



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