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New Partnership

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

We have partnered with Pontem Innovations. Pontem is a data analytics company that provides a platform that helps you make sense of all the data you have, and what is around you.

Making sense of the data you have is a very important achievement, one that is usually overlooked as ‘too complicated’, but once you have this information you are able to see the path your company is on and make the appropriate decisions for the future.

So where does PataBid fit into all of this then? One of the side effects of collecting tender information automatically is that we see a lot of information around and inside this data. From bid pricing to company performances to trends and overall sector and market performance, it’s all there. It’s there, but scattered all over the place. We collect all of this data in addition to just the tender postings and this deep pool of data is what Pontem Innovations is now using to not only show their clients how they are doing, but how they relate to everyone else around them.

This market analysis coupled with the detailed internal analysis provides not only a very wide range of comparative views, but a view of your company's path alongside everyone else. Being able to see information about your competition that they don’t even know themselves is 100% invaluable.

This partnership gives Pontem’s clients the power of big data both internally and externally. It’s what’s called a game changer.



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