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PataBid Quantify Featured in Article on Emerging Estimating Software Trends

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

PataBid received a feature in an article by that outlines 3 emerging estimating software trends that are making waves in the construction industry. AI continues to be integrated into construction technology tools, but is only now being utilized in preconstruction tools such as estimating software. PataBid's polymorphic AI allows small to medium sized contractors the ability to use numerous built-in features in the Quantify estimating platform that are all designed to save a contractor valuable time and money. From blueprinting to quick pads to existing data importation, PataBid Quantify has it all. Then there's the automated takeoff feature (made possible by our AI) that is a working progress. It is free and available with a Quantify license as we continue to improve it's accuracy rate. As says, "the net new estimating platform [PataBid Quantify] is designed as a solid software-as-a-service (SaaS) alternative to legacy applications from companies like McCormick which is now owned by Foundation and Viewpoint Estimating, Quickpen and Accubid which are now owned by Trimble, Esticon which is now owned by Procore and smaller players like Hard Dollar now rebadged as InEight Estimating."

For more info on how you can Quantify a winning bid for your electrical or mechanical contracting business, connect with us today!


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