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Now you have bids from hundreds of websites in one place. We make it easy to search, filter, save and track the information that’s important to you.


Why Choose PataBid Tenders


Spend Minutes, Not Hours, Finding The Right Bids

Stop spending hours on multiple websites with endless keywords. We’re constantly being told how we’ve changed bid searching from hours a day to minutes a day.

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View everything you need to know, from every bid source, on one simple and powerful dashboard.


How It Works

We Search Bid Sites So You Don't Have To

There are too many bid sites to keep track of effectively. We bring them into one easy to use dashboard so you save time and never worry about missing another opportunity again.

One Dashboard, All The Information You Need

Our dashboard is powerful and simple to use. We highlight new tenders since you last logged in, let you save bids for easy future access, notify you of addendum changes, view plans takers and more!

Search, Filter & Sort The Way You Want

Filter by headings such as Industry, Source, Region and more. Or use the global search. How about filtering by how much time is left to bid the tender? We give you the tools so you can work the way you want with PataBid Tenders

A Sector List That Makes Sense

The magic behind PataBid Tenders is our patented AI that reads every bid that comes in and places it into the proper sector. This means misplaced bids get placed properly and you get to use a more logical sector list.

How does the 14 day trial work?

You get access to our full site for 14 days. When your trial expires you can then select and pay by credit card to continue or your account will be suspended but available if you choose to come back later.

What does it cost?

Our pricing information can be found Here. We charge $49 per month per user, billed annually. There are no upsells, addons or extra charges.

Do we provide bid documents?

We do not provide bid documents at this time, unfortunately. We provide the important data about each tender posting and link directly to the posting itself. You will have to get the bid documents from the sites they are posted 

Can I get a demo?

Yes! You can view our demo videos Here that walk you through how our system works. If you need more than that or have any additional questions please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

What bid sites do you collect from?

Our full repository site list can be found Here. We are currently expanding our coverage across the US in addition to our full Canadian coverage.

What if I find a bid site that you don't cover?

This happens from time to time. Just let us know about the website and we'll quickly add it into our collection of repositories.


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