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Riding the Dragon: PataBid's CTO on Get a Grip on Lighting Podcast

Melvin Newman, PataBid's co-founder and CTO, joins the cast of Get a Grip on Lighting podcast to discuss the differences between AI and machine learning and the technology's implications in the lighting industry. Learn how AI and machine learning technologies are used here at PataBid in our electrical estimating software to automate time consuming tasks like counting light fixtures and plugs. Melvin discusses how PataBid's electrical estimating software is applicable to more than just contractors involved in the construction process. Our software can be used effectively by suppliers, distributors, owners and more. Melvin digs into the foundation that is behind PataBid, and shares how we are different from other software companies that are also 'chasing the dragon' in the construction tech world. Melvin's answer: we are riding the dragon.



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