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Dyson Integrates with PataBid's Estimating Software for Small Contractors

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

At PataBid, our estimating software for electrical contractors is constantly evolving. We think of Quantify almost as a living entity that is always trying to be the best version of itself. The PataBid team takes great pride in listening to what our customers want and need in Quantify in order to achieve optimal estimating success and business growth. To that extent, we are excited to announce that PataBid now has Dyson’s product line integrated directly into Quantify.

Dyson logo representing a partnership with PataBid's estimating software for electrical contractors

As a contractor or estimator, what does this mean for you? Essentially, you can now add Dyson products into any electrical estimate in Quantify and find the installation labour pre-loaded for you. We even have specific icons for Dyson products on our quick item pads!

Quick item pads allow contractors to add Dyson items efficiently to bid electrical work faster

Electrical contractors can now download shop drawings in Quantify to bid electrical work more effeciently

In addition, you can easily access (and download) required Dyson shop drawings directly from within the platform.

Currently, there is no list pricing information loaded into Quantify for Dyson products. However, Quantify does offer a user-friendly solution in the platform for contractors to enter contractor-specific pricing for any items in an estimate.

Dyson commercial product line integrated with Quantify estimating software for electrical contractors

Dyson is the newest manufacturer to fully integrate products and technical data into PataBid’s estimating software for electrical contractors. If your electrical (or mechanical) manufacturing company is interested in incorporating your product catalogue or line card into PataBid's database, please contact us. Integrating products with our digital estimating software offers a simple and free way to put your product offerings in front of contractors who are seeking to bid electrical work.

Simply send us your product information, and the PataBid team takes care of the rest. We can even create custom item icons for your products, like we did for the Dyson product line.

Shop drawings for a variety of electrical items available for download to help contractors bid electrical work

Did you know that there are other items you can access shop drawings for directly in Quantify? Legrand, Lutron and Leviton switches and plugs are fully integrated into Quantify, with installation labour pre-loaded and shop drawings available. Schneider and Eaton breakers are also partially integrated, with labour input so far, as well as specific Southwire products. If there are items that you use in Quantify that we do not have shop drawings for yet, connect with us and we would be happy to add those for you.

A variety of manufacturers have uploaded shop drawings to Quantify estimating software for electrical contractors

PataBid’s journey to becoming the #1 estimating software for small contractors is far from over. Manufacturer specific items integration plus the addition of shop drawings to Quantify are propelling us even closer towards that goal. Stay tuned to PataBid’s LinkedIn page in order to get the latest and greatest Quantify software updates. We are continuing to improve our mechanical items database also, with a specific focus on fire suppression systems and HVAC. Quantify will be a robust mechanical estimating software option very soon for small to medium sized contractors.


Test Quantify out with a free, two week trial. Complete a estimate in the software - we know you won't be disappointed! If life happens during those two weeks and you need a longer trial period, just let us know. We are happy to extend the trial to ensure that all users get the opportunity to use the product that they are investing in.



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