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New Site, New Platform

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

We have been busy at PataBid! The pandemic may have kept us all indoors but we’ve kept hard at work on our newest platform, Quantify. The goal of Quantify is to perform drawing takeoff of construction drawings with one simple click. We have made great strides towards this goal and have seen better than expected results for automatically finding and reading schedules, P&ID drawings and general assembly drawings.

Our progress with general assembly drawings has taught our new A.I. (Diego) how to recognize and count widgets and piping. Our work with P&ID drawings has taught Diego how to quantify all the big ticket items for a project. And finally Diego has been recognizing and reading schedules to pull relevant information from them, which we hope to correlate with the other information pulled from these drawings later.

This all got pushed to the back burner when we were approached by a few companies asking whether we could teach Diego to read the Bill of Materials on piping drawings. Since this is very similar to the schedules he already has success with we of course took on this challenge. After some modifications to Diego and many, many hours of training we are proud to see successful results in real world testing!

Quantify is now in Beta, still being tested internally but more importantly it is being tested by external clients and sources. This real world testing has provided invaluable feedback and Quantify (and Diego by extension) is getting smarter and more robust by the day.

Due to the soon-launch of Quantify we have overhauled our website to accommodate our new platform. We hope you try it out … of course there is a free trial!



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